Leasing Commercial Vehicles: Is It Right for Your Business?


When you’re contemplating a big vehicle purchase for your company, you may also want to learn more about leasing commercial vehicles. If you’re new to proprietorship, one thing that should be stressed is the importance of conserving your capital. When you start a new business, you may have significant costs initially. Smart business operators look for ways to cut costs, while also getting the necessary tools to be successful in their industry. There are lots of things that you cannot avoid paying for, but in some cases you may be able to look at other methods of payment. For companies that use business cars, you don’t have to purchase them. Instead, you could lease these vehicles, which could save you money as well as circumnavigate some credit concerns for new ventures.

Tax Savings

One top benefits of leasing commercial vehicles is the savings businesses can cash in on via their tax returns or yearly operating costs. With a commercial lease, your business can claim the monthly lease payment on its end of the year taxes. This can help your company pay a little less in its business taxes. Choosing to lease instead of purchase can also help you save in other ways as well. For example, a business vehicle purchase puts a new asset onto your company books. This means that you may be held liable for the taxes related to the value of this asset. A lease agreement makes you not responsible for asset taxes on a fleet of vehicles. Another issue concerns the large cost of preventative vehicle maintenance and repair. With many lease agreements, your company can pass on the payment responsibilities of these to the owner of the vehicles instead.

Credit Concerns

Leasing commercial vehicles may also help your company manage its credit better. With a large company purchase, such as company cars, your organization may be required to apply for a loan in order to finance the cost of buying. When you do that, your credit is going to be carefully checked. Newer companies that may already have loans on their books may have a more difficult time getting approved. If your company doesn’t have a solid credit history, you may not be able to secure financing. Additionally, after a large vehicle loan, any other attempts to get additional business funding may be difficult.

Thinking about leasing commercial vehicles may be the right choice for your business. It’s important to gather the facts about the various lease programs and choose the best path for your company.


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