Let Us Finance Your Business’ Equipment

equipment-leasingIf you are looking for a way to enhance your organization’s profitability and long-term success, at Wellspring Commercial Capital, we recommend financing your business’ equipment. If you choose to participate in one of our equipment leasing programs, we can approve your application within a 24-hour time period and provide you with rapid funding after that. Please keep in mind that only companies that have been in business for two years or longer are eligible to lease their equipment through us. 

The Equipment Financing Programs We Have to Offer

In order to meet the unique financing needs of our clients, we are proud to offer four specific equipment financing programs and each is associated with different benefits. For instance, if you just went into business, you may have trouble acquiring financing through traditional channels. Through our startup program, we can finance your equipment so that you are able to obtain the capital you need to help your operations thrive.

The other programs we have to offer include our sale and leaseback program, municipal and government leasing program, and B, C, and D credit leasing program. When you turn to us, we will help your business choose the right leasing program for its needs. 

Why You Should Finance Your Equipment

There are many different reasons why your business should consider financing at least a portion of its equipment. These include some of the following:

  • Leasing is associated with significant tax and accounting advantages.
  • You can prevent your business’ equipment from becoming obsolete by leasing it.
  • You do not have to tie up your capital when you lease and you can save your working capital for more pressing needs.

In recent surveys, it was discovered that nearly 80 percent of businesses in the U.S. lease some portion of their equipment.

Get Financing Today

If you are ready to join the ranks of these businesses, contact us at Wellspring Commercial Capital today.