Fill Your Orders on Time With Purchase Order Financing

purchase-order-financingIn many cases, an enterprises greatest challenge in maintaining daily operations is securing the funds to produce pre-sold merchandise. If your business works with the export, import and/or domestic production of pre-sold goods, we at Wellspring Commercial Capital can offer you purchase order financing to help you cover operating costs during production.

Our Specialties and Expertise

What is purchase order financing? Essentially, we’ll provide financial support for your company’s purchase and production of raw materials and you’ll repay the specified amount when profits start coming in. If you are a wholesaler, producer or reseller of manufactured goods, we can offer you:

  • Production financing for in-progress goods
  • Trade finance Letters of Credit
  • Aid with export, import and domestic transactions

The Advantages of Our Services

When you work with our team of financial experts for this financing option, you’ll get the benefit of:

  • Funding flexibility and speed
  • Access to funds without loosing equity or gaining debt
  • Timely order fulfillment and delivery
  • Market share increases
  • Increase profits through larger orders

Start Financing Your Enterprise Today

Don’t succumb to the issues of poor cash flow. Energize your business with purchase order financing and you’ll have no trouble making your production deadlines. Contact Wellspring Commercial Capital today to learn more from our team of financial experts.